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Tips on How to Handle the Heat

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When the hot weather strikes it is important to keep your cool so that everything keeps running smoothly. If your body gets too hot or dehydrated you may experience light-headedness/fainting, muscle fatigue, skin rash, or poor mental cognition.

The heat wave of 2012 (June 30–July 13, 2012) caused 32 deaths from excessive heat exposure according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)1. Be sure to enjoy the summer but stay safe! The two critical areas to pay attention to in hot weather:

  • Hydration
  • regulating body temperature

What to do...


It's often hard to keep track of how much you have taken in, so find a good size bottle (at least 16 ounces) and make an effort to drink and refill it a couple a day. Squeezing some lemon or lime in water can help keep it interesting or coconut water is a good choice because it also provides electrolytes. Avoid drinks that can further dehydrate you such as coffee, tea, and beverages with a high concentration of sugar.


Eating lots of fruits with high water content can help cool you down and hydrate you too. Watermelon is an example.


Stay in cool/ air-conditioned areas is the obvious answer but when you have to be outside be aware of your surroundings and seek shade and sources of water. To keep your indoor space cool close shades/ blinds during the day but have the windows open at night when the air is cooler.


Wear white: it won't absorb the sun's rays as much as dark colored clothing, keeping you cooler!

Where’s the water?

Take showers often and seek out places to go swimming. Allow (or join in) kids water games utilizing water guns, water balloons or even spritzing with a water bottle.

Other Ideas

One fun & creative idea is to fill a sock with rice, secure the end with an elastic or strong twist tie, then put it in freezer. Just before bed, put it under your covers or use it behind your head when you go to sleep.

Plan ahead by sporting a water bottle and packing ice cubes in a lunch bag to keep your water cool.

And lastly, don’t forget SPF sunblock to avoid sun burn.

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